902 College St. Junction, TX 76849

902 College St. Junction, TX 76849

902 College St. Junction, TX 76849 902 College St. Junction, TX 76849 902 College St. Junction, TX 76849

We have the following items for sale or donation


Seed Sales

We sell  seed!  Seed can be ordered year around with delivery in 2-3 days.  Some NRCS contracts have specific seed requirements and we can meet those needs.  There are many varieties of native and introduced species available, as well as a large variety of seed mixes for your rangeland, grazing and/or wildlife grass needs.    From a small yard to a large ranch, we can find the right seed for your needs.


Plant ID Book

We offer the "Range Plants of North Central Texas" plant identification book for sale.  This is a very useful tool and also makes a great gift.  Many landowners describe this book to be a "must have".  The book is 345 pages and lists common names, as well as scientific names and includes very clear pictures.  It only costs $25.  Get one for your ranch truck and the house!  Get one for your parents!


911 Signs

Get your official county 911 signs here.  Single sided aluminum signs are offered for a $15 donation and double sided signs are only a $20 donation.

These signs are durable and will last many years.  

Be safe, make sure you can be found in an emergency!


Agricultural/Agribusiness Protection

Protect yourself and your property by hanging Agricultural/Agribusiness signs on your gates.  A law was passed in the last couple of years granting protection to landowners that accept payment for services on their land (i.e. hunters) from liability IF proper signage is visible, along with pertinent leases.  To be safe, hang one on every gate!  10" x 12" aluminum signs that will last many years are available for a $16 donation, or 2 for $30 donation.  These signs are typically in stock at the office.


In Stock Seed

The office has some types of seed in stock.  5 pound bags of     Native Perennial Wildlife Seed Mix and Texas Perennial Wildlife Seed Mix are currently available for immediate sale.  There are also 25# bags available at this time.

                                      5# bag only $60

                                   25# bag only $275

                   Compare prices!  These are great prices!


Personalized Gate Signs

     Personalized gate signs are a must have for your gates!  Available in 10"x 12" or 2'x 3'.    Durable aluminum signs that  will last many years!   Signs are typically delivered to the  office within 3-4 weeks of order. 

                          10" x 12" aluminum gate sign       

                1 for $20.00          OR           2 for $30.00 

                                    and also available

                         Large 2' x 3' aluminum gate sign